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The XARB Token was created as a "Utility Token", aiming to enable payments and discounts for products and services. At first, the Token will be accepted by the company that created the Project (XTrader Softwares LLC), however, negotiations with other companies are already advanced and in the near future the Token XARB will be accepted in several segments in the physical and digital environment. A team of highly qualified professionals from the most diverse areas are engaged in the Project, bringing to it all their professionalism, security and competence.

All Xtrader Softwares customers will be able to pay for products and services with the XARB Token, earning numerous advantages and discounts.

The project also provides liquidity for the Token since its inception, since part of the funds raised by the Project will be used to monetize in the Automated Strategies Systems of XTrader Softwares LLC and 100% of the profits will be allocated in Exchanges, aiming at direct and unlimited liquidity for the XARB Token. Check XTrader PLus FX Performance.

With your XARB tokens you will gain advantages and discounts on the most varied products and services

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The unprecedented union of Cryptocurrencies with the Forex world is the future knocking on your door

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is XTrader Arb (XARB)?

XTrader Arb (XARB) is a utility token created on the Binance Smart Chain platform created by XTrader Softwares LLC, a company based in Delawale, USA, which develops automation systems (Robots) for the financial market, especially for the FOREX market - Foreign Exchange.

Is XARB Token an investment?

No. XARB is a utility token used to purchase products and services, initially within the XTrader Softwares ecosystem. However, due to its great upside potential, there are great chances of bringing extraordinary financial benefits to holders.

Why should I have the XARB Token?

Our Token brings numerous advantages and discounts for the payment of products and services provided by XTrader Softwares. The usability of the Token is not restricted to the company that created the Project and negotiations with other companies interested in receiving XARB are already advanced.

Where can I buy XARB?

Initial Sales are being exclusively carried out by the official website through the Bounce.finance system, but Token, in addition to DEX, such as pancakeswap, will in the future be listed on renowned Centralized Exchanges in the market. See how to buy XARB.

Will there be liquidity for the Token?

Yes, this is because a part of the funds raised by the project will be used to monetize in XTrader Softwares LLC's Automated Strategies Systems and 100% of the profits will be allocated in Exchanges, giving constant liquidity to the token. Check XTrader PLus FX Performance.

Will XARB appreciate it?

The market rules the price, however, given the utility offered by the token, the global advertising campaign to crypto communities and the potential demand for XTrader's products and services, the valuation should be inevitable

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